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Power Electronics Lab Training Modules
ME 791 Light Intensity control using SCR & Triac
ME 792 SCR Firing Circuits
ME 793 SCR Commutation Techniques
ME 794 Phase control using Triac
ME 795 Switching Action of a BJT
ME 795A Switching Action of a FET r
ME 796 Thyristor Firing Circuit Kit (UJT Controlled SCR Time Delay)
ME 797 Zero Voltage Switching using SCR
ME 798 Step up Chopper
ME 799 SCR Single Phase Half Wave, Full Wave, Fully Controlled Bridge Rectifier/Converter
ME 800 DC Motor Control using SCR's (with tachometer)
ME 802 Three Phase Fully Controlled Converter
ME 803 Three Phase Induction Motor Speed Controller
ME 804 Single Phase Cycloconverter
ME 806 SMPS Trainer Kit
ME 807 Jone's Chopper
ME 808 Morgan's Chopper
ME 809 Series Inverter using SCR's
ME 810 Parallel Inverter using SCR's
ME 812 Single Phase Inverter (using power mosfet)
ME 813 Chopper Circuit (using power mosfet with Motor)
ME 814 DC Drive Trainer
ME 815 Single Phase Half Controlled DC Drive
ME 816 SCR Ring Counte
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