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Physics Lab Experimental Setups
ME 821 Measurement of High Resistance using Substitution Method
ME 822 Lissajous Figure Apparatus
ME 823 Stefan Constant Apparatus
ME 824 Dielectric Constant Apparatus (Solid & Liquid)
ME 825 Hall Effect Experiment (Complete Setup)
ME 826 Fourier Analysis Kit
ME 827 Measurement of Susceptibility of Paramagnetic Solution by Quinck's Tube Method
ME 828 Heat Efficiency of an Electric Kattel
ME 829 Choke Charateristics Apparatus
ME 830 Inductance Measurement (using Impedance at Different Frequencies)
ME 831 Determine the Hight of Tower with the Help of Sextant
ME 840 GM Counter Experimental Setup
ME 850 Determine The Ballistic Constant of a Ballistic Galvanometer (Complete Setup)
ME 851 Determine The ECE of Copper using Tangent Galvanometer (Complete Setup)
ME 852 Determine the Wavelength of Sodium Light by Fresnel's Biprism Kit (Complete Setup)
ME 853 Determine the Focal Length of Two Lenses by Nodal Slide and Locate the Position of Cardinal Points (Complete Setup)
ME 854 Determine of the Specific Rotation of the Cane Sugar Solution with the Help of Polarimeter (Complete Setup)
ME 855 Determine the Wavelength of Spectral Lines using Plane Transmission Grating (Complete Setup)
ME 856 Determine the Viscosity of a Liquid by Stroke's Method (Complete Setup)
ME 857 Determine the Frequency of AC Mains by Electrical Vibrator
ME 858 Determine the Wave Length of Sodium Lamp by Newton Ring Method (Complete Setup)
ME 859 Determine Magnetic Field using Stewart and Gee's Apparatus (Complete Setup)
ME 860 Determine the Velocity of Ultrasonic Waves by using a Crystal (Complete Setup)
ME 861 Laser Experimental Setup with Diode Laser (Complete Setup)
ME 861H Laser Experimental Setup with He-Ne Laser (Complete Setup)
ME 861L He-Ne Laser with Power Supply (Complete Setup)
ME 862 High Resistance by Leakage Method (Complete Setup)
ME 863 Thermo electric e.m.f. with temperature for a copper iron thermo couple, by means of a potentiometer (Complete Setup)
ME 864 Calibration of Voltmeter using Potentiometer (Complete Setup)
ME 865 Determine Young's modulus's, modulus of rigidity and poisson's ratio of the material of a given wire by Searle's dynamical method (Complete Setup)
ME 866 Determine the Frequency of a Tunning Fork with the help of Sonometer
ME 867 Determine the Frequency of A.C. mains by means of a Sonometer (Complete Setup)
ME 868 Determine the Dispersive Power of the Material of the Prism for Violet & Yellow Colors of Mercury Light with the Help of Spectrometer (Complete Setup)
ME 869 Determine the Resolving Power of Telescope (Complete Setup)
ME 870 Determine the Wave Length of Sodium Lamp by Michelson Interferometer (Complete Setup)
ME 871 Determine the Refractive Index of Liquid using Diode Laser (Complete Setup)
ME 872 Determine the Malus Law using Diode Laser (Complete Setup)
ME 873 Determine the Brewster Angle using Diode Laser (Complete Setup)
ME 875 Determine the Refractive Index of Prism using white light & Spectrometer (Complete Setup)
ME 876 Carrey Foster Bridge with Four Gap (Complete Setup)
ME 880 Determine Thermal Conductivity using Lee's Disc Apparatus (Complete Setup)
ME 891 Sodium Vapour Lamp 35 Watt fitted in Box with Transformer
ME 892 Sodium Vapour Lamp 55 Watt fitted in Box with Transformer
ME 893 Mercury Vapour Lamp 80 Watt fitted in Box with Chokes
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