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Home » Electronics Lab Training Modules » Optional Ready to use modules for Analog Lab Trainer ME 1153
Optional Ready to use modules for Analog Lab Trainer ME 1153
AC-01 Darlington Pair Amplifier
AC-02 Class B Amplifier
AC-03 Common Emitter Amplifier
AC-04 Common Collector Amplifier
AC-05 Common Base Amplifier
AC-06 Class A Amplifier
AC-07 Class C RF Tuned Amplifier
AC-10 RC Coupled Amplifier
AC-11 Complementary Symmetry Amplifier
AC-12 Feed Back Amplifier (Positive & Negative)
AC-13 Differential Amplifier (Transistorized)
AC-15 FET Common Source Amplifier
AC-20 IFT Amplifier
AC-21 Audio Power Amplifier using IC TBA 810
CA-01 PN Junction Diode Characteristics
CA-02 Transistor Characteristics (CB, CE, CB in NPN & PNP)
CA-03 Transistor Characteristics (CB NPN)
CA-04 Transistor Characteristics (CB PNP)
CA-05 Transistor Characteristics (CE NPN)
CA-06 Transistor Characteristics (CE PNP)
CA-07 Transistor Characteristics (CC NPN)
CA-08 PNP & NPN Transistor Tester
CA-09 Transistor Characteristics (CC PNP)
CA-10 FET Characterisitics
CA-11 Zener Voltage Regulator
CA-12 Transistor Series Voltage Regulator
CA-13 Transisitor Shunt Voltage Regulator
CA-14 UJT Characteristics
CA-15 MOSFET Characteristics
CA-16 SCR Characteristics
CA-17 TRIAC Characteristics
CA-18 DIAC Characteristics
CA-19 Zener diode V-I Characteristics
CA-20 Rectifier Circuits (Half Wave, Full Wave & Bridge Rectifier)
MO-01 Multivibrators (Astable/Monostable)
MO 02 Clapp Oscillator
MO 03 Crystal Oscillator
MO 04 Hartley Oscillator
MO-05 Colpit Oscillator
MO 06 Tuned Oscillator
MO-07 Wein Bridge oscillator
MO-08 Phase Shift Oscillator
MO 09 UJT as Relaxation Oscillator
MO-10 Phase Locked Loop
MO 11 Wein Bridge Oscillator using OPAMP
MO 12 Phase Shift Oscillator using OPAMP
MO 13 Multivibrator (Astable/ Monostable) using OPAMP
NF-01 Activer Filters (Low Pass and High Pass)
NF-02 Active Band Pass Filter
NF-03 Notch Filter (Active+Passive)
NF-04 Two Port Network ParaMeters
OP-01 Op-Amp (Inverting/Non-Inverting/Differentiator)
OP-02 Operational Amplifier (Adder/Scalar)
OP-03 Operational Amplifier (Integrator/Differnetiator)
OP-05 Schmit Trigger and Comaparator
OP-06 Sawtooth Generator using Op-Amp
PE-01 Phase Angle Control with Thyristor
PE-02 Phase Angle Control with Triac
PE-05 Thyristor as DC Voltage Switch
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