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Home » Digital Electronics Lab Training Modules » Optional Ready to use modules for Digital Lab Trainer ME 1154
Optional Ready to use modules for Digital Lab Trainer ME 1154
DE-01 Logic Gates
DE-02 Universal Gate - NAND/NOR Gate
DE-03 EX-OR Gate Implementation
DE-04 Demorgan's Theorem
DE-05 EX-OR Gate Application
DE-06 Code Conversion (Binary to gray and gray to binary)
DE-07 Code conversion (BCD to excess-3 codes)
DE-08 Binary Adder/Subtractor
DE-09 Encoder/Decoder (8 to 3 Line Encoder, 3 to 8 Line Decoder)
DE-10 Multiplexer /Demultiplexer (4-1 Line Multiplexer, 1-4 Line Demultiplexer)
DE-11 Flip-Flops (R-S,D,J-K,T Flip-Flops)
DE-12 Shift Resistors 4 Bit Serial n-Parallel Out
DE-13 4Bit Synchronous Binary Counter (Up Counter)
DE-14 4Bit Binary Ripple Counter (Up Down Counter) D
E-15 BCD to 7 Seven Segment Decoder
DE-16 Digital to Analog Converter (R-2R Ladder)
DE-17 Analog to Digital Converter
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