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Home » Electronics Lab Training Modules » Operational Amplifiers
Operational Amplifiers
ME 625 Operational Amplifier as Inverting, Non-Inverting, Summing & Difference Amplifier with one Digital Voltmeter
ME 626 Operational Amplifier as Inverting, Non-Inverting, Unity Gain Amplifier & Frequency Response with Analog Voltmeter
ME 627 Applications of Operational Amplifiers (Discrete Component Trainer)
ME 627B Characteristics of Operational Amplifier (Discrete Component Trainer)
ME 629 Operational Amplifier as Summing, Scaling, Averaging, Window Detector & Zero Crossing Detector
ME 631 Operational Amplifier as Differentiator & Integrator
ME 633 Operational Amplifier as Schmitt Trigger
ME 634 Linear Wave Shaping Circuits (Study of Clipping, Clamping, Integrator, Differentiator)
ME 635 Operational Amplifier as Square wave Generator
ME 638 Operational Amplifier as Voltage Comparator
ME 639 Operational Amplifier as Differential Amplifier
ME 640 Operational Amplifier as V-I & I-V Converter
ME 641 Feedback Amplifier Series & Shunt Voltage
ME 644 Operational Amplifier as Voltage & Current Feedback Amplifier
ME 645 Operational Amplifier as Instrumentation Amplifier
ME 646 Operational Amplifier as Logarithmic Amplifier
ME 647 Precision Rectifier using Operational Amplifier
ME 649 Audio Power Amplifier (Class 'A' using BJT)
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