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Home » Electronics Lab Training Modules » Multivibrator & Oscillator
Multivibrator & Oscillator
ME 650 Application of IC 555 ( Astable , Monostable & Bistable Multivibrator)
ME 656 Bistable Multivibrator using Transistors
ME 657 Monostable & Free running Multivibrator using Transistors
ME 659 F-V & V-F Converter using IC 337
ME 660 Oscillators Circuits (Hartley, Colpitt, Wein Bridge, Relaxation, Clap, Tuned, Crystal and RC Phase Shift Oscillator)
ME 661 Hartley Oscillator
ME 662 Colpitt Oscillator
ME 664 Phase Shift Oscillator
ME 664A Phase Shift Oscillator using OP-AMP
ME 665 Wein Bridge Oscillator using Operational Amplifier IC 741
ME 665A Wein Bridge Oscillator using Transistor
ME 666 Relaxation Oscillator using UJT
ME 667 Tuned Collector Oscillator
ME 667A Oscillators Circuits (Hartley, Colpitt, Wein Bridge, phase shift oscillator)
ME 668 Crystal Oscillator
ME 669 Voltage Controlled Oscillator using PLL 565
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