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Instrumentation Lab Training Modules
ME 1050 Instrumentation Trainer Using Transducers (Complete with following Experimental study)
i) Study of LVDT
ii) Study of RTD
iii) Study of Thermocouple
iv) Study of Thermistor
v) Study of Opto Devices (Photo Diode, Photo Transistor, LDR, Zener, Diode)
vi) Study of Wheatstone Bridge & Instrumentation Amplifier
ME 1051 Strain Gauge Trainer Kit (with Cantilever Beam)
ME 1052 LVDT Trainer Kit
ME 1053 RTD Trainer Kit
ME 1054 Thermocouple Trainer Kit
ME 1056A Speed Measurement Module using Photo Electric Sensor
ME 1056B Speed Measurement Module using Magnetic Sensor
ME 1057 Inductive Pick Up
ME 1058 Capacitive Pick Up
ME 1059 Piezo Electric Transducer
ME 1060 Hall Effect Sensor
ME 1061 Pressure Measurement using Strain Gauge
ME 1062 Load Cell Trainer Kit
ME 1063 Temperature Sensors Kit
ME 1064 Study of Linear Potentiometer Instrument Trainer
ME 1065 Data Logger (Voltage,Current,Temperature & Pressure)
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