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Experimental Trainers
Microwave Training Modules is series of exercises "Microwave Technology", covering the subject of "High-frequency Technology" and includes the following training topics - Wavelength measurements, Propagation of microwaves in waveguides, VSWR measurements, Impedance measurements, Waveguide components and their function, Frequency measurements, Modulation and demodulation of a microwave carrier, Propagation of waves in free space

In the basic set of equipment, emphasis is placed on the propagation in waveguides and free space. Various materials are examined in detail, for their properties of propagation and attenuation.

The flow of energy in the waveguide system is controlled by coupling various types of waveguide section. The influence of these waveguide sections is clearly demonstrated in a series of practical exercises. The basic system consists of a collection of various waveguide components in the X-band that are quickly and easily assembled.

A stable assembly of the exercises on the work table is ensured by the use of height adjustable guide supports. That is inserted in the lower face of the waveguide components. Measurements in the basic system are made using an oscilloscope.
ME 6000 - Reflex Klystron Microwave Test Bench
  • To study Reflex Klystron
  • Frequency, Guide Wavelength Measurement
  • SWR & Reflection Coefficient Measurement
  • Impedance Measurement
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