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Digital Electronics Lab Training Modules
ME 675 Logic Gates using Six TTL IC's (6 in 1)
ME 678 RTL Logic Gates (5 in 1)
ME 679 Basic Logic Gate using Discrete Components (7 in 1)
ME 690 Digital Logic Trainer (Logic Gates, Booleon Identities & Demorgan's Theorems)
ME 692 Verification of truth tables of Logic Gates using Universal Gates
ME 695 Pulse/ Clock Generator using NAND Gate
ME 699 4 Bit Adder & Subtractor Circuits using IC 7483
ME 701 Digital Full Adders & Subtractors using NAND Gates
ME 702 Flip Flops using NAND Gates & TTL IC's
ME 711 Decade / Modulo-N Counter
ME 712 4 Bit Counters (Synchronous & Asynchronous)
ME 716 4 Bit Shift Registers
ME 718 Encoder & Decoder Circuits
ME 720 16 to 1 line Multiplexer & 1 to 16 Line Demultiplexer
ME 720A Encoder/Multiplexer
ME 720B Decoder/ DeMultiplexer
ME 722 RAM Circuit using IC 7489
ME 723 Parity Generator/Checker with Bakelite Front Panel
ME 724 4 Bit Digital Comparator
ME 731 4/8 Bit Analog to Digital Converter
ME 731E 4 Bit A/D Converter
ME 732 4/8 Bit Digital to Analog Converter
ME 732E 4 Bit D/A Converter
ME 734 Transfer Characteristics of TTL and TTL Schmit Trigger Inverter
ME 737 TTL-CMOS, CMOS-TTL Interfacing
ME 738 Arithmatic/Logic Unit (ALU)
ME 739C TTL IC Characteristics Apparatus
ME 739T CMOS IC Characteristics Apparatus
ME 1154 Digital Lab Trainer (with Bread Board)
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