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ME 606 Opamp Based Sinusoidal & Non Sinusoidal Wave Generator
ME 607 IFT Tuned Amplifier
ME 608 C lass 'C' Amplifier
ME 610 Darlington Pair Amplifier
ME 611 Transistor Amplifier Circuits (CB, CE & CC Modes)
ME 612 Audio Power Amplifier using IC TBA 810
ME 613 FET Common Source Amplifier
ME 614 Common Collector (Emitter Follower) Transistor Amplifier
ME 617 Common Base Transistor Amplifier
ME 618 Common Emitter Transistor Amplifier
ME 619 Two Stage RC Coupled Amplifier
ME 620 Transistor Push Pull Amplifier
ME 621 Complementary Symmetry Amplifier
ME 622 Class 'A', 'B', 'AB' & Push Pull Amplifier
ME 623 Biasing of Transistor in Class 'A' Amplifier
ME 624 Biasing Techniques of Transistor(BJT)
ME 1160 Amplifier Lab Trainer with Power Supply (with Bread Board)
ME 1161 Amplifier Lab Trainer with Built in Power Supply, AC Millivoltmeter & Function Generator (with Bread Board)
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